Booth construction

  • Booth appearance is one of the most striking things for visitors.
  • To facilitate your presence in the exhibition, our experienced team does from A to Z of your booth design, construction, and furnishing.
  • Order the construction of exhibition booths right now!
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Creative design

The design team of Pars Tadbir Eurasia, taking into account all the elements related to the company’s activities, products, logo, etc., has been proud to design a beautiful and impressive booth, taking into account all the principles and rules and making maximum use of the booth space.


Booth building
Another noteworthy point in this field is the matching of the design and implementation of the booth, in order to ensure that all the details of the design are observed, which requires compliance with things such as the use of quality materials, creating appropriate lighting, paying attention to the corporate color spectrum of the companies, and basic layout. Equipment and…


Ceremonies and reception
Pars Tadbir Eurasia exhibition ceremony team, taking into account the basic needs in the field of reception, was able to prepare a complete menu that can be ordered according to the type of reception, which was met with a unique reception during 6 months from the participants.