Product Sector

Raw materials for glass production

Glass melting technology

Refractory materials

Raw materials processing, furnace preparation, glass recycling

Flat glass forming: equipment and technology

Hollow glass items forming for food, medical, chemical, cosmetics and perfume industries: equipment and technology

Moulds for glass production


Equipment and technology for production of various types of flat glass

Equipment for foam glass production

Production of technical glass (optical, light, quartz, etc.)

Production of liquid glass and dry hydrated powdered liquid glass

Packing lines

Flat glass cutting and snapping technology

Drilling technology

Edge and surface finishing technology, glass grinding and polishing, sand blasting

Hollow glass items processing for food, medical, chemical, cosmetics and perfume industries

Laser technology

Tempering & bending technology

Safety glass production

Equipment for multilayer automotive glass production. Armored glass

Equipment and technology for stained glass production

Flat glass

Transparent, solar control, tinted, self-cleaning, multifunctional flat glass

Tempered, armored, noise protection, fire protection glass, security glass and bullet proof glass

Low-iron, nonreflecting, decorative, coloured, shaped, stained, ornamental glass, glass shapes


Variable transparency glass

Glass for solar panels

IGU Insulated Glass Units

Electrically heated window units

Translucent structures: windows, facades, balconies

Interior glass: doors, partitions, decorative panels, staircases, floors, showers, tiles, splashbacks, etc.

Automotive glass

Glass containers

Hollow glass for food, medical, chemical, cosmetics and perfume industries

Foam blocks, glass bricks, gravel, microspheres, granules, etc.

Glass fibers, glass fiber fabrics, fiberglass mesh, glass reinforcement

Quartz glass

Glass liquids. Sodium water glass

Displays, lenses, light glass

Glass & Mineral Fibers

Tools for cutting, drilling, boring, polishing and other types of glass treatment

Special liquids for glass cutting, drilling, boring and polishing

Ventilation equipment, vacuum systems and compressors

Protection devices

Work wear, individual protective gear

Art and decorative glass products

Glass lamps, chandeliers, shades

Vases, assorted glassware

Glass jewelry