About Iran Glass Show

The International Exhibition of Glass, Machinery & Equipment (Iran Glass Show 2024) will be held fully support by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, Iran Trade Promotion Organization, Iran Glass Association, Iran Ceramic society, National Association of Safety Glass Manufacturers. Which Organized by AVAYE MOVAFAGH IRANIAN Co. 

The 7th international exhibition of glass, Machinery & Equipment and related industries will hold on 28-31 May, 2024 at Tehran International Permanent Fairground in hall 38B and 38A with the aim of creating an environment for brands, products, technological advances, face- to- face interaction and services. The exhibition created an exclusive opportunity for local and international companies to obtain general and specialized information on the Iranian market. During this international exhibition, the participants were able to interact with foreign or domestic parties in pre-planned and targeted meetings, exchange ideas and experiences and examine the possibility of future cooperation. The creation of this suitable platform in the exhibition with the presence of decision makers of the Iranian markets leads to the formation of valuable relationships and the achievement of maximum efficiency and lays the ground work for the most complete economic development and prosperity in the domestic space and international relations of Iranian industries.

Benefits of participating in the Iran Glass Show for participants:

1. Opportunity to showcase new products and services to potential customers.

2. Exposure to a large audience of industry professionals, including manufacturers and suppliers.

3. Chance to network with industry leaders and build new business relationships.

4. Access to valuable market research and insights on industry trends and innovations.

5. Learning about emerging markets and new technologies in the glass industry.

6. Platform to connect with international buyers and expand export opportunities.

7. Opportunity to participate in educational seminars and workshops to enhance professional development.

8. Meeting with key decision-makers and stakeholders in the industry.

9. Opportunity to gain media coverage and increase brand visibility.

10. Access to valuable resources, such as funding and industry contacts, to support business grow